• Dessert & Baking Recipes

    Have a sweet tooth? Me too. Satisfy that with these delicious dessert recipes for chocolatey concoctions, gooey fruit desserts, creamy puddings, buttery-crusted pies, airy mousses, rich cheesecakes, tender regular cakes, cookies, bars and tarts.

    This is where you’ll find summer dessert recipes – popsicles and frozen yogurt on a hot day. And winter dessert recipes – cozy baked goods perfect for a chilly afternoon. Look no further for all your baking – breakfast from the oven is right here, too – scones, muffins, cinnamon buns – we’ve got ’em.

    Is fruity your fave? Try strawberry buttermilk pie, vanilla pear crisp with custard sauce and lemon pound cake. Craving chocolate? You’ll be drooling over the chocolate pudding cake, chewy brownies and fudgy chocolate cheesecake cookies. Try one of our healthy-ish desserts like whole-wheat raspberry date bars or chocolate chip zucchini cookies when you’re not feeling too indulgent.

    Whether you’re looking for something for the whole family or a treat for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

    French Crullers

    This decadent french cruller donut recipe is simply heavenly. The interior is perfectly fluffy and the exterior, shatteringly crisp. Truly an impressive dessert for a special occasion. What are French Crullers? French Crullers are a special kind of doughnut different from the yeast and cake doughnuts more commonly found. They are made with a special […]