• Chicken Recipes

    If you’re planning meals for the week or hosting a dinner party and can’t decide what to make that everyone will enjoy, a great chicken recipe is the answer! Chicken is oh so versatile, and everyone loves it. You really can’t lose! Sometimes, though, it can be easy to get stuck making the same recipes over and over. It’s time to switch it up! Get inspiration from all over the world with these chicken recipes. Chicken fajitas, tandoori fried chicken, and sticky-spicy Korean chicken wings to name a few. Need lunch ideas? Try a chicken caesar wrap, chicken fattoush salad with garlic-yogurt sauce or chicken chili, made in the pressure cooker. From stir fries to soups and stews to pastas and salads, pick up some chicken from the grocery store and you’re set for the week. From quick easy lunches to fancy dinner parties, you’ll find chicken recipes here that cover it all.