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    Banana Bran Muffins

    … or as I like to call them (drumroll, please)… Branana Muffins. They’ve got the super-moist, delicious banana muffin thing going on, with a bit of extra fill-you-up fibre. I threw in a handful of chocolate chips – helpful if you have trouble persuading your kids (or HUSBAND) to eat something that has bran in it. Even though, honestly, you’d barely know it’s in there anyway. I like to make a big batch of muffins and freeze them in big ziploc freezer bags. I thaw them in the microwave in about 50 seconds – 25 right-side-up and 25 upside-down to warm them evenly – and they emerge as if freshly baked. Try it. Your future self will thank you for such a thoughtful treat.