For food photography, recipe/food writing, and meaningful content collaborations, please contact jennifer (at) foodess (dot) com.

Jennifer Pallian – Food Photographer


Need a food photographer to capture screen-lickingly scrumptious shots? Jennifer operates from her Vancouver studio but offers food photography services to brands all over the world, with experience in traditional media plus ten years’ experience in the great wide sea of social media. Jenn’s been in the game since before Instagram. Since blogs were called weblogs. She has a penchant for the perfectly imperfect, the moist crumbs, the lickable gooey bits, and the ice cream drips.

Click here or the image above for food photography portfolio.

Jennifer handles all food preparation, food styling, prop styling, photography and editing, dramatically shaving down the cost of hiring multiple individuals, plus she loves to support her partners in giving freebie shoutouts on social media. Happy to discuss rates and packages that work with your budget. And some of her work is available for free right here! Please feel free to email jennifer (at) foodess (dot) com for details and availability.

Recipe Creating

Jennifer develops original recipes for food companies, marketing boards, media, etc. She is supported by a food science background and years of developing recipes in a professional test kitchen, and was a finalist in the Saveur blog awards for “Best Original Recipes”.

In creating a recipe, Jennifer combines current food trends with an understanding of the target audience to generate concepts. She tests every recipe until it’s perfect, using tools and equipment available to the home cook, providing a finished recipe that:

  • above all, works beautifully and tastes fantastic
  • is clearly written, in fine detail to ensure the user’s success
  • complies with food safety standards
  • conforms to special dietary needs, if specified (i.e. healthy, gluten free, vegan, etc.)
  • is accompanied by nutritional analysis, if desired

Food Writing

Jennifer pursued her passion for storytelling with a continued education in professional freelance writing at the University of British Columbia. She writes authoritatively on a range of food topics — from food science, cooking and food trends, to health and nutrition — punctuated by funny stories about life in the kitchen. She writes freelance for web and print media, as well as for food companies (marketing material, blogs, etc.).

For availability and rates, please contact jennifer (at) foodess (dot) com.