• December 2, 2015

    Baked Brie with Cranberry-Ginger Chutney

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    Baked Brie with Cranberry Ginger Chutney

    Baked Brie is always a favourite at parties – people gather around it and gobble it up until it’s gone. Really, how could you go wrong with hot, gooey cheese on crackers?

    This festive version is crowned with sweet, tangy cranberry-ginger chutney.

    You start by simmering cranberries with softened onions, ginger, brown sugar, a splash of vinegar and a pinch of cloves.

    The recipe makes more chutney than you’ll need. Leftovers are put to good use on turkey sandwiches, served alongside a Christmas roast turkey, or included on a serving board with a variety of Canadian cheeses made with 100% Canadian milk.

    Once the berries break down into a thick sauce, let it cool slightly then spoon it onto a wheel of Canadian Brie.  Baked it in the oven until warm and melty, then surround it with crackers or baguette slices and let guests go to town.

    The pop of crimson is gorgeous for a holiday table, don’t you think?  I scattered some fresh bay leaves and cranberries around for additional Christmas-y colour.

    If you don’t have a Brie baker (mine is this one), a ceramic pie plate works really nicely. Alternatively, you can transfer it to a shallow pasta bowl after baking.  Keep in mind that once the cheese is cut into, it will run in all directions like gooey, delicious lava – so wooden boards and pretty plates scattered with crackers are not good choices.

    Transferring the cheese to a different dish after baking?  Bake it on top of parchment paper so you can move it easily.


    Baked Brie with Cranberry-Ginger Chutney

    Baked brie is a favourite at parties. This festive version is topped with cranberry-ginger chutney for a gorgeous pop of red for the holidays.
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 30 minutes
    Total Time: 40 minutes
    Course: Appetizer
    Cuisine: Canadian
    Servings: 6
    Author: Jennifer Pallian BSc, RD


    • 2 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 cup finely chopped onion
    • 2 cups fresh cranberries
    • 2 tsp packed finely grated ginger
    • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
    • 1 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar
    • 1/8 tsp cloves
    • 1-200 g wheel of Canadian Brie


    • Preheat oven to 350ºF.
    • In a medium saucepan, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion and cook until very soft, about 15 minutes, reducing heat if starting to crisp.
    • Stir in cranberries, ginger, brown sugar, vinegar and cloves, plus 2 tablespoons of water.  Cook, uncovered, until cranberries pop.  Let cool 10 minutes.
    • Place the Brie in a small baking dish.  Spoon 2/3 cup cranberry chutney over top and bake 15 minutes.  Serve immediately.
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    Hi, I'm Jennifer Pallian, BSc, RD. I studied cooking, baking and food chemistry in a university lab, have years of experience as a professional test kitchen recipe developer and providing technical baking support to bakeries and home bakers. Want to know why your bread didn't rise? I've got your back.I now work full-time as a blogger, putting the years of science and baking to work right here. On Foodess, I share the best recipes in my arsenal - tested-till-PERFECT recipes for cozy baking, easy recipes for weeknight meals and delicious globally-inspired comfort food, plus lots of science-based cooking and baking tips. Welcome!

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