Tuesday Tips: how to bring wilted kale back to life

Jennifer Pallian
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You know how sometimes you bring home bunches of kale or chard, with every intention to gobble up your greens like it's nobody's business... but then that night you're too tired from grocery shopping to actually cook... and the next night you work late so you grab sushi takeout... and the night after that you open your fridge to discover your kale is sad and limp?

Leafy bunches of greens really only stay perky in the fridge for a day or two before they start their rapid decline to limp and unappetizing. You can avoid this altogether by washing them as soon as you bring them home, spinning them dry and stacking the leaves with paper towels in a large freezer bag. Lovely greens for days and days!

But even if they've been neglected in your crisper drawer for a while, I've discovered a way to restore them to their perfect, shiny-happy selves!


The secret is... treat them like flowers! Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut their stems at an angle, about an inch from the bottom. Then pop them in a glass of water, put them back in the fridge, and they'll be just like new in a few hours!

I just realized the last three paragraphs ended with exclamation points. There's so much excitement in this post!


In other news, we are moving in two days. For every box I pack, baby boy unpacks two... WISH US LUCK! (EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!)