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    Picture this: it’s a crisp fall Sunday afternoon and you’re sitting by the fire with your favourite book. The only thing missing? Creamy homemade hot chocolate. Sipping on this makes every book read better. Or maybe it’s the middle of August and you’re desperately in need of a cold, refreshing drink. The watermelon agua fresca or rose lemonade always hit the spot. Find the perfect drink for any time of year. If you’re in need of cocktail inspiration for a dinner party or smoothie recipes for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, look no further. The citrus sidecar cocktail, dark & stormy, and orchard sangria are guaranteed crowd pleasers and our quick and easy smoothies are the perfect snack. Save money on over-priced coffees and cocktails and become a bartender and barista extraordinaire at home with these easy and delicious drink recipes.

    10 Minute Iced Coffee

    … this post is part two in the series on Wedding Brain. A.K.A the absence of mental prowess in the presence of a major upcoming life event. More here. On a recent shopping trip, I had a mental list. Which is almost always a bad idea. Storing a list in my head means running through the items in my brain over and over, talking to myself, making acronyms, counting on my fingers how many things I have left to buy, and inevitably forgetting something.