How To Soft Boil An Egg Perfectly Every Time

Last Updated on October 22, 2013 by Jennifer Pallian BSc, RD

Berta and Gertrude. Those are the names I’ve given the bags under the bags under my eyes.

A persistent lesson that parenting has taught me is often the only thing you can control is your perspective, and you must do so in order to preserve sanity be happy.

You can be sleepy and miserable or just sleepy. See what I did there?

I’m sharing this with you because (I get philosophical with lack of Zs, and) I believe that in many life circumstances, the difference between happiness and unhappiness – in small things and in big things – is a simple matter of making the choice.

Legitimate unsolicited advice, it turns out! Trying to be happy can actually make you happy – woohoo!

In addition to happiness, I choose soft boiled eggs, which one might argue, are one and the same. Who could plunge a tiny spoon, or a hot, buttery toast soldier, into a pool of creamy, runny yolk and not be happy?

Perfect soft boiled eggs have firm whites and luscious runny centres. However, this perfection can be elusive as it’s hard to judge doneness. My method is for large eggs, straight from the fridge. Reduce cooking time to 5 minutes if you’re in a place where egg refrigeration is not the norm.

For me, choosing happiness means finding humour in irritating situations, selecting my battles carefully and letting less important things go, celebrating the little things in life (SOFT BOILED EGGS! Hoorah!) and consciously seeing the forest (raspberry-blowing, bouncing little baby boy) instead of the trees (you don’t need details; Berta and Gertrude speak for themselves).

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Tuesday Tips: how to perfectly soft boil an egg

Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 5 mins
Servings 2
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