Giving Thanks with the ‘Mericans.

I’ve just shared my recipe for Tandoori turkey. You may have seen it recently on Instagram.  Because I was doing a Thanksgiving meal in partnership with Butterball, I’ve had two turkey dinners already this fall. The one pictured (shot in September), and a real Canadian Thanksgiving. Yet somehow I still feel left out when American Thanksgiving rolls around.

At least I can at least participate in the gratitude part, if not the turkey part, right?

As the holiday rush kicks into high gear, I’m trying to take some time to clear away clutter in my home and in my mind, to make space for the clear thinking and slow enjoyment of the season that fosters the thankfulness.

I’m employing my mom’s “touch-it-once” policy for cluttery things like mail and dishes. If you pick it up, you immediately file it, shred it, or put it in the dishwasher. Whatever it is, it doesn’t go on the kitchen island.

I’m cleaning out drawers and closets and putting my office together into an actual happy workspace. (This house we moved into “temporarily” last winter is seeming more and more permanent.)

I’m also plan, plan, plan, plan, planning. The older, wiser, and busier I get, the more I realize that planning is 50% of the process. ANY process. Work, vacation, meal preparation. Everything you want to accomplish and enjoy requires a plan. Of course wrenches are thrown in my plans. Kids come home sick. Babysitters cancel. Husband works late. In fact there are so many wrenches flying through the air it’s like bras at a Backstreet Boys concert. So I think about it as flexible control.

But it frees up precious space in my brain once I’ve written down everything I have to do. And it feels good going to bed at night knowing what I intend to shoot/write/cook the next day, or strutting into the afternoon with dinner already planned.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish my ‘Merican friends and readers a happy, happy thanksgiving, to wish everyone an unchaotic start of the holiday season, and to share these funny behind-the-scenes pictures from my Butterball collab. They suggested a nice family photo.

Staging a photo with a toddler is like giving a street-cat a bath. This sums up the attempt.

We have a winner.






Last Updated on November 20, 2018 by Jennifer Pallian BSc, RD

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