• April 22, 2015

    Great Place To Stay In Hawaii With Kids: Kihei + Big Island

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    Hi guys! I really meant to post an update while I was away last week… but then I decided to take naps and lie on the beach instead 🙂

    We just got back from a week in Hawaii – we were on Maui for a few days, then the Big Island for a few more. It was glorious!

    We rented a condo in Kihei, Maui, which was fantastic – it had a baby pool that was perfect for Theo – he’d splash in there for hours on end while we lazed in the sun with our toes in the water beside him.

    There was a beach just a 5-minute walk away called the Alii (Royal) Fish Pond of Kalepolepo, which is supposed to be perfect for little ones, as it is protected from the surf. It was built sometime in the 1400s, using coral reef and lava rock to contain an area from the open ocean while allowing small fish to swim in. Ancient Hawaiians would apparently feed the fish, keeping them happy there, until they were too big to swim back out. Old school fish farming!

    Locals actually continue to fish in it today. We only had a few days and didn’t make it there, but if you’re planning a Hawaii trip with kids, or if (like me!) are a bit nervous (read: scared shitless) of big waves, it sounds perfect.

    The only minor downside to Kihei is that a strong afternoon wind blows through most days, but it coincided with little peanut’s nap, and I welcomed it as a refreshing reprieve from the heat.

    Staying in a condo was ideal with a toddler – it was great having a kitchen to cook for ourselves, and to have enough space that we didn’t feel trapped in a hotel room when he took his afternoon naps.

    We flew over the Big Island in a little commuter airplane that offered stunning aerial views of the islands. We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid – which was mind-blowing. Such a beautiful resort. The beach was a lagoon sheltered from the waves by volcanic rocks and a coral reef, with clear blue water all the way to the bottom. Absolutely perfect for kids. They rent stand-up paddle-boards, snorkel gear, and tons of water toys. It would be so much fun to go with a big family.

    The pool was stunning, too, I don’t know why they don’t show pictures on their website. It’s beautifully designed with little coves and centre islands that provided private little nooks and crannies.

    I also splurged on a massage in their Spa Without Walls. I had a private little hut next to a waterfall with a glass cutout in the floor so I could see the water below. So beautiful!

    And… since I can no longer hide the evidence… I’m sharing the announcement that we are expecting our second baby in September! EEP! That’s all for now, just wanted to say hi and share the happy news! xox

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