A weekend on the Sunshine Coast

Last Updated on June 27, 2017 by Jennifer Pallian BSc, RD

Hi again! I’m sorry to share two non-recipe posts so close together, but I really want to capture the memory of our summer adventures before they float out of my mind.  I have a delicious new strawberry dessert recipe coming on Friday. Hopefully that’ll make up for all my blathering.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were away in the sunshine coast for the weekend. As soon as we drove out of the city, it was like I could exhale again. I don’t know if it’s downtown living, or just living in general, but I feel like I rarely let my guard down and just relax. A lot of it, I’m sure, is the age of my kids – both needing constant attention, and the littlest one constantly playing fast and loose with life-and-death things like gravity, traffic, inedible substances, and sharp objects.

(“Here, mama!”, he says enthusiastically as he hands me my 9″ chef’s knife from the dishwasher.)

Anyway, as we left the jungle of highrises and our day-to-day life behind and started the wind up the sea-to-sky highway toward the ferry terminal, I felt lighter.

The ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay is absolutely breathtaking. I tell everyone who visits Vancouver to plan two day trips – one to Bowen Island, if only to take in the boat ride (although the easy hike followed by fish and chips is hard to beat), and one to Whistler, if just to appreciate the stunning coastal highway into the mountains (and those pictures don’t begin to do it justice).

We live in such a beautiful place.

We arrived at our AirBnB in Sechelt, and although waterfront was promised, I didn’t realize that it meant seals-floating-past-the-patio waterfront. It was pretty magical.

The space was lovely and it had gorgeous french doors opening onto the patio. When the tide was high, it almost felt like we were on a houseboat.

Adarsh and I spent the first day sipping rosé while the kids played around us in the grass. Theo (4) chased and gently caught a bucket of tiny crabs, along with some strange creatures that looked like tiny lobsters crossed with shrimp. Everett (1 1/2) was quite scared to walk on the rocks, but eventually the lure of splashing in a tidepool was enough to convince him.

We shopped for fresh seafood at the local fish market and made a special crab and halibut fettuccine. Nighttime crept up on us as my Adarsh and I sat outside in the glow of magic hour, just before sunset, while the kids snoozed peacefully in the bedroom upstairs.

We had no idea that hours had passed when 10 o’clock was upon us. I love when time escapes me like that, I find it only happens when I am doing something creative. I guess taking in the creative beauty of the islands and the sea counts.

Then the next day, Theo and I woke up with a bizarre head cold/stomach bug combination. Which was of course a bummer, but I tried to take it as a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it takes a very persuasive nudge to get me to slow down and just stay put, and this was indeed what it took to convince me to just take it easy.

And so we spent the day at home, drifting in and out of naps with the tide, watching kayaks glide lazily past, snuggling in a hammock. It was as nice as you could hope for in a semi-feverish haze. And it gave me a reason to stay in my sweat pants all day (as you can see).

I’m trying not to be sad that we didn’t get to enjoy more of the beaches and hikes that we did last year. Especially because we planned the trip months ago and have been looking forward to it since.

But then, looking forward to it is half the fun, isn’t it?  And if there’s anything I’ve learned in motherhood (or maybe just life), it’s that happiness is, more often than not, a choice. For me, that means just going with the flow, not getting hung up on circumstances out of my control, and using gratitude to chase away frustration.

Wishing you all a lovely week, and a beautiful start to summer.

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