• April 2, 2018

    5 Flavourful (and healthy!) Infused Water Ideas


    Hi guys! Here are some delicious infused water ideas for you, as the promise of warmer days approaches and freshness is craved by all. Every time I visit my fav spa and sip the strawberry-watermelon infusion from a tiny plastic glass, I think to myself, MAN I really have to start doing that at home. Here’s a collection of scrumptious recipes to add flavour and bonus vitamins to your daily H2O. Follow the formulas or just choose one of your favourite ingredients from the recipe – it doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. (And add to this list the strawb-watermelon idea – it’s crazy delish.) 

    Post below written by Hannah Mazure and Britney Lentz. XO – Jenn

    Infused Water RecipesWater.  The hydration we need all day ‘err day, with a taste that can be so bland.  When I’m looking for a way to brighten up my bottle, I look no further than the fresh fruits and herbs sitting in my fridge.  Infusing your faucet-stuff with fresh ingredients is a simple way to elevate your every day and impress everyone the next time you host brunch.

    To make this beautiful beverage all you need is a pitcher that can hold about 2 litres (or just your water bottle), an assortment of fresh ingredients, and still or sparkling water.  For optimal flavour, muddle the fruit and herbs before adding to the vessel. Then, allow the water to infuse in the fridge for two hours (or overnight) before serving.

    Here are five of my favourite flavour varieties for a refreshing twist – there’s so much more to infused water than just lemon!  It’s everything you never knew you wanted in your eight glasses a day.

    1)   Orange & Fennel – sweet citrus combined with the warm spice of fennel make a drink with an elegant twist.  Thinly slice 1-2 oranges and combine with the chopped stalks and fronds of 1 fennel bulb in your pitcher, fill with water, and enjoy a few hours later.

    2)   Pineapple, Mint & Ginger – a tropical escape in your own kitchen that’s ready faster than you could book a flight to Hawaii.  The mint and ginger also make this the ultimate tummy-soother. Combine 3-4 cups of chopped pineapple (fresh or frozen – just thaw first!) with 9 stalks of mint and 6-7 round slices of ginger in your pitcher.  This is one you’ll definitely want to muddle first to get the rich peppery flavour of the ginger.

    5 Infused Water Recipes

    3)   Blueberry & Lavender – celebrate spring with a flavour combination filled with sweet floral notes.  Combine 8 sprigs of lavender with 1-2 cups of blueberries.

    4)   Peach & Sage – juicy peaches and warm sage combine for an infused beverage that’s both refreshing and exciting for the taste buds. Thinly slice 1-2 peaches and muddle with 8-10 sprigs of fresh sage.

    5)   Cucumber, Grapefruit & Orange – a citrus twist on traditional “spa water”.  Slice one grapefruit, one orange, and one cucumber, muddle gently and add to pitcher.  As an option, save a few cucumber slices to place over your eyes while you sip. Put your feet up, you deserve it.

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