Peanut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Peanut Banana Bread Recipe on Foodess-1

I’m having a terrible morning.

I bundled Theo up to walk the dog (sweater, warm jacket, mitts, hat), put him in his bike/stroller thingy, and only 20 minutes into our game of fetch at the park did I notice that I FORGOT BOOTS. Poor little guy. At least he had socks. Which are like mitts for his feet… and we don’t put boots on our hands… so by if you follow the logic, it’s okay, I’m still a good mom.

(And for the record, it’s quite mild in Vancouver – so he wasn’t freezing or anything.)

No-Knead Cheesy Garlic Bread Fingers

cheesy garlic bread fingers recipe -

When my mom was visiting us a couple of months ago, she filled our freezer with her homemade spaghetti sauce. We sadly finished the last freezer bag this week, but we made the meal special with these cheesy garlic fingers.

This recipe started with a deep dig through the freezer in search of a baguette to serve as a vehicle for regular old garlic bread. With nothing but a freezer-burnt hot dog bun to work with, I thought, hey – we can do this from the ground up.

9 Apps Every Blogger Needs

9 Apps Every Blogger Needs

I’m a busy gal – who isn’t?  I lean hard on technology to organize myself so that I can run a blog in the limited time I have. You see, I only have a couple of scheduled childcare days each week, and these chubby fingers make a move on all the tasty food I’m trying to shoot, when they aren’t busy closing my laptop for me with a thundering “NO!”. It’s good, actually, he keeps me in line.

With planning, shopping, creating a recipe, photography, photo editing, writing and promoting a blog post (not to mention time-sucking daily administrative tasks such as managing expenses, emails and invoices) running a successful, income-generating blog can easily be a full time job for a duo or even a team. But in my world, it’s just me.

If I didn’t have this arsenal of apps and other technology tools to facilitate my workflow, you would eventually find me muttering, crazy-eyed and ratty-haired, under a mountain of notebooks, receipts, food magazines and to-do lists.

I know I’m not alone – many bloggers have other things going on, whether it’s freelance clients (uh huh, I’ve got those, too!), a houseful of ankle biters, or a day job – so I want to share my collection of best apps for bloggers – the time- and mental health-saving tools that I love and use constantly. Here they are, in no particular order.