The 5 Habits of Fit Foodies

Jennifer Pallian
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As part of my Foodie Nutrition business, I'm writing a blog called "Secrets of a Fit Foodie" - it's mostly about the delicious art of balance (you know, having your cake and eating it too). In addition, I plan to write about current food and nutrition hot-topics to help people sift through all the conflicting nutrition advice and marketing crap All with the ultimate goal of simplifying and increasing the pleasure taken in eating.

Here's a taste of my first blog post.

The 5 Habits of Fit Foodies:

.... although they saying exists “never trust a skinny chef” the truth is that chefs, food writers, food critics, and food bloggers – people who eat for a living – are quite often fitter than the average North American. So how do so many foodies manage to balance looking and feeling great with eating incredible food? There is nothing witchcraft about it, and in fact, it’s really not even that complicated. So without further ado, here are the 5 habits of fit foodies, accumulated from conversations had with fit foodies, articles written by fit foodies, and my own experience:

1. Fit Foodies love food. They respect it. They eat what they want, but they don’t eat what doesn’t taste good. Mindless snacking doesn’t happen.

2. They exercise portion control. This is the most important element here. Fit foodies might walk over hot coals for a slice of Buttermilk Peach Pie with homemade Brown Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream (*to be posted in the near future on, but they eat a modest piece, really savor it, and don’t go back for seconds. This is not by some heroic feat of willpower, but by taking the time to extract pleasure from every single bite, and then putting down their fork when they have had enough.

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