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Jennifer Pallian
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Hiya friends... just wanted to pop in and say hello! New baby has been keeping me exceptionally (but wonderfully) busy. For example, right now I'm nursing and typing (one-handedly, at an excruciating slow pace) at the same time, with tiny squinty eyes because my glasses are just out of reach.

I have done exactly no cooking in the four weeks since the stork made his delivery, so no recipe today. I've been so lucky to have, first, my own mama here to spoil us with her cooking, and then my hubby's parents. It is wonderful to be so cared for.


But because this is the case, all I have to share with you today is some of the preciousness that fills my current days. I'll be back in the kitchen very shortly... my inlaws sadly leave in two days, and with them will disappear the delicious chicken curries, chickpea curries, potato curries, prawn curries, masala omelets, biryani, pooris, chapatis and spicy chai that I have grown all too accustomed to.

Hope you all are well... I have an abundance of blog-reading time (breastfeeding + iPad), so feel free to leave me links in the comments and I'll come visit you in your corners of the web.

Love, Jenn & baby Theo