Happy 2011!

Jennifer Pallian
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I am quite distraught that it is 2011 yet I am not zipping around in a hover car while my personal dish-bot cleans up my kitchen. Instead here I am using my boring normal car and washing my own dishes like a sucker. C'mon technology geeks, what is the delay?!

I really didn't mean to take four-week blogging hiatus... it just happened. I went home to New Brunswick (on the Eastern coast of Canada), home to my mama, and my fluffy doggy, and my beautiful sister, and a houseful of burly stepbrothers. Here's what I was up to:

I made marshmallows. It was a huge gooey, sticky, sweet mess. Homemade marshmallows are heaven. One crucial tip, however - USE GOOD VANILLA. I used some extract that smelled kinda weird, and guess what? My marshmallows tasted kinda weird. Surprise.


I made sponge toffee. Sugar + baking soda. Also a sticky mess. One that magically morphed into a crunchy, caramel candy filled with a network of teeny bubbles making the inside chewy and delicious. Sugar is enchanting.


I dipped said sponge toffee in luscious melted chocolate and made a treat that was SO GOOD. Like a Crunchie bar. Do those exist in the US?


Then I was tired so I hung out with Sadie by the tree. Sigh. So much love in a big fluffy dog.


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and DELICIOUS New Year!!