Homemade Ranch Dip & Dressing

I don’t buy bottled salad dressing. Period. It is so easy to make your own. It takes seconds. It tastes infinitely better. It lacks the long list of questionable ingredients. It just tastes so much better. Did I mention it tastes better? It does. Much better.

I do lemon-olive oil vinaigrettes often for the simple salad of mixed baby greens that accompanies any meal where the vegetable component is an afterthought. I make a homemade caesar dressing for sturdy romaine. I love to make fruity raspberry, grapefruit or mango vinaigrettes for when I make a salad as a meal for lunch, or dinner on a hot summer day.

But my favourite by far? This homemade ranch dressing.

It is creamy. It is fresh. It is tangy. It is wildly addictive. It makes carrot sticks sing the hallelujah chorus. Don’t get me started on what it does for grilled cheese sandwiches…

You can use sour cream, yogurt or buttermilk (or a combination!) for the dairy component. I use whichever is in my fridge. The buttermilk will make a thinner dressing, more conducive to salad than to crudites.

Homemade Ranch Dressing
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
Makes about 1 cup.
  • ⅓ cup mayonnaise
  • ½ cup sour cream, plain yogurt or buttermilk
  • 1 large clove garlic (or two small), minced
  • 1 tbsp minced fresh dill (or ½ tsp dried)
  • 1 tbsp minced fresh parsley (or ½ tsp dried)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • freshly cracked pepper, to taste
  1. Whisk all ingredients together and store in a glass jar or other sealed container in the fridge for up to 1 week.


  • http://www.simplebites.net/ Aimee @ Simple Bites

    Mmm, yes please! I can’t wait to try your version. I used some homemade creme fraiche today to whip up a quick garlic dressing, but the addition of fresh herbs just can’t be beat.

    • Anonymous

      Mmm, creme fraiche would also be delicious…

      • Jmccutcheon

        do you have a good mayo recipe? I love it but don’t like all the soy and weird ingredients in store-bought.

        • Ursulahino

          The best mayo, if you ask me, is Japanese mayo. I buy it at an Asian grocery store and that is the only one I use.

  • http://oneordinaryday.wordpress.com/ Michelle

    My son would happily eat ranch dressing on everything.  I’ve never made it myself, but it’s got to be delicious!

  • http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com/ Angiesrecipes

    I love homemade ranch dressing!  My husband eat them with ground meat patties ;-))

  • http://betivanilla.blogspot.com/ beti

    wowo I never thought about making my own ranch dressing, it sounds so easy to make I might make it!

  • Kayrgibbs

    Made this tonight and it is so good!!!  Never made homemade ranch before but I thought I would try because my son practically drinks the stuff!  I used the plain yogurt and an very happy!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome!! Thank you for the comment!

      • Ambereliot

        do you put the garlic in whole or chop it up

        • Anonymous

          It should be minced! :-)

  • kitty

    Finally! A homemade ranch dressing that is simple to make and tastes delicious. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yoko66

      Have you ever tried a low fat version of this recipe? 

      • Anonymous

        You can certainly lighten it up by using light mayo, and nonfat greek yogurt or lowfat buttermilk.

  • Dana

    Just made this dressing. I used the mayo with part sour cream and yogurt. I won’t be buying store ranch anymore. This taste great!!

    • Anonymous

      Great!! Glad you like!

  • Florence

    I pinned your recipe on pinterest so I wouldn’t loose it… and it seems to have gotten quite a few hits in the 10 minutes I have done this.  I hope it was okay.  I have never pinned anything that wasn’t already on pinterest already.  It directly links back here to you. 

    • Anonymous

      Of COURSE that’s okay!! Thank you :-)

  • Sara

    I just made this and I will never buy store bought ranch again.  Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!!  

    • Anonymous

      That was exactly my goal! Glad you liked ;-)

  • Alexis

    I am obsessed with ranch dressing, and can’t wait to try this! Which do u think it tastes the best with, sour cream, yogurt or buttermilk? And I’d love to hear whoop u use it with grilled cheese :-)

    • Alexie

      …how you use it with grilled cheese. Lol

      • foodess

        As a DIP!! Try it. You will be never eat a grilled cheese without homemade ranch ever again.

    • foodess

      The sour cream will be richest (for some that means tastiest), but I use a combination of the above almost every time. Almost always with some sour cream in there, though.

      • Debbielindsey

        I’m so excited about this recipe–it’s so simple!  My son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies this past year, soy and corn being two of them, and store-bought salad dressings are almost impossible to find without corn syrup in them!  He keep begging me to find some kind of ranch dressing without the corn syrup, so he can snack on raw veggies (he won’t do it without the dressing) but I haven’t been able to. Then, suddenly it dawned on me (duh!), why don’t I find out how to make my own??!  I can use homemade mayo to avoid the soy.  I’ll try it first with sour cream.  I’m wondering…I make my own yogurt (crockpot–easiest thing you’ll ever do and so delicious!), buy my son doesn’t like yogurt much.  If I use it to make the dressing, does it have a yogurty-taste? 

        • foodess

          Hi Debbie!! It can be very challenging when someone in the family is diagnosed with food allergies, but to look on the bright side, it’s an opportunity for the whole family to be eating healthier by avoiding a lot of processed foods!
          Just know that when you use homemade mayo, the shelf life will only be a couple of days, due to the raw egg… I’d be more inclined to skip the mayo, use all yogurt or sour cream, using full-fat to make up for the body that mayonnaise adds. I’d add 1/2 tsp dijon too and/or a bit of vinegar for extra zip.

  • meedah

    This sounds good…… unfortunately i do not have all the fresh ingredients and don’t know when i will get them. any alternatives?

  • http://kinkandtherthings.blogspot.com/ Zazel Rodriguez

    Just made this.  Too garlicy for my taste.  But I’d totally make it again with less garlic.  thanks!

  • Lauren V

    I just stumbled upon this recipe and I had to make it, so i instantly jumped up and ran to the kitchen (because I had all of the ingredients) and whipped it up.  I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER buy ranch again.  Thank you so much!  My husband loves it too.  We are standing here in the kitchen munching on celery and ranch as I type this! <3  THANK YOU!

    • Lauren V

      Also, I used light mayo, light sour cream, and dried dill and parsley, and I had preminced garlic in the fridge so I used about 1/2 a tsp. of that.  (I’m not a huge garlic person).  It is divine!!

      • foodess

        Glad you liked!!

    • foodess

      Hooray!!! Thanks for coming back to tell me :-) Enjoy!

  • http://thecoopfam.com/ Holly

    Just whipped this up to pour over a salad for lunch! I made my own buttermilk (1/2 c. milk plus ~1TBSP lemon juice). I subbed garlic powder and added an extra squeeze of lemon at the end! Spectacular! Thanks!

    • foodess

      You’re welcome, glad you liked!

  • http://twitter.com/annabellep annabellep

    Trying this this weekend. My daughter’s favorite pasta salad I make has a ranch sauce, and I am trying to get into more natural, less processed foods. I’ll drop back by and let you know how it went. 

  • Sarah


  • Kblamp

    Thank you thank you thank you! This is amazing…. I even used almond milk in replacement of the dairy because that is all I had on hand and it is so good!

    • foodess

      Great!! Glad it worked with the almond milk!

  • Liz-tingstad002

    I just made this and it is very good but very thin does it thicken as it sits in the fridge

  • http://www.facebook.com/danelle.blotter Danelle Schlichenmayer

    Oh my goodness. Best ranch ever! I just made it and I promise to NEVER buy ranch again! Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!!

  • SweetSunni

    I didn’t have any dill but I had cilantro so I used that with parsley instead…OH MY!!!! This has opened a whole new realm of fresh wonder in my food life!!! I’m sooooooooo happy about it! Thank you for sharing! Next time I want to make fresh mayo to use with it to make it extra extra homemade-ish!

    • SweetSunni

      Oh, I put some half and half in with the sour cream and mayo to give it a little thinner pourable texture. Loved it!

  • miss.paua

    Hey I <3 ur blog, I think it's awesome! :D I was really inspired when u mentioned about making ur own Ranch dressing, any idea about how to make ur own mayo, coz I don't like ready-made mayo (u never know what that long list cud mean, u know…) -Thanks alot :D

  • Beth

    can I blend it instead of whisking it? :-)